TicketBooth Concept: Ticketing App UI

What if privatisation of UK rail never happened, and was still around in the digital age? I was never a big fan of British Rail as a service, but the branding and identity system is truly a testament to great design and still exists in some part today.

After receiving a copy of the British Rail design manual as a gift, I had the idea of doing a little experiment to see if that system could be used to design a modern digital product focused on ticketing. This time without smoking carriages!

(fig.1) TicketBooth landing and ticket overview
(fig.2) Seat reservation

The original font used for the British Rail brand was Rail Alphabet. I didn't have access to that at the time, but Helvetica Neue gave me something close. I matched the colours by eye from the original manual.

A common problem I experience with “on-the-go” apps is that they don’t leave much margin for error. The UIs can be incredibly small. I imagined this application might be used by people who were actually stood on a cold platform at the time. Imagine yourself trying to hit links with cold fingers!

I was most excited about prototyping the seat reservation part of the app (fig.2). I see a lot of apps that get this completely wrong. The way the carriages are laid out reminds me of catching the train from its point of departure, and the way you have to find your reserved seat by looking the coach letter.

(fig.3) TicketBooth ticket selector
(fig.4) Ticket option expansion animation